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  • Welcome to the virtual Master-Apprentice network.

    NeZt is a platform where Students, Business and Educational Professionals can find each other to start and perform virtual internship and projects on a global scale. Login or click on one of the buttons below to read what NeZt can mean for you….
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    Imagine being a student and being able to perform projects with professionals from any country of the world, fitting your curriculum...
    Imagine being a professional able to coach students from the ease of your desk, in your project, at your pace...

    For Students

    Are you a Student? And interested in finding a large choice of international project with professional guidance from masters, matching your curriculum? You can also join colleague students and form a team.

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    For Business Pro's

    Are you a Business Professional? Or a professional from a Non–profit Organization and interested in finding an international choice of students (or teams) willing to work under guidance on your project, fitting your deadline?

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    For Education Pro's

    Are you an Educational Professional? And looking to find great international projects and ditto supervisors for your students? Fitting your requirements and quality assurance? Find out more on how NeZt is easing the matchmaking and project flow.

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